Glad to see you stop by! This is a collection of recipes I have developed, received from friends or was inspired by and altered somehow. While I try to post all food photos I just cannot help but share some of my Vintage clippings with you from my Gran's recipe drawer, my great Gran's tin and of course my Mum's treasure trove of her Gran's lovely publications all kept so prim, not to mention the cache my Mum also had and even mine too! They are all regularly used recipes, loved by my family, friends, and now you my treasured readers Enjoy!

Crafting is a huge part of my life as well

When I decided on a food blog, I had not thought this out completely because it was leaving out a huge part of who I am. Cooking and Baking complements the other aspect of my life which is more commonly know known as DIY. I just call it practical, homemade and wonderous! So with less than 55 days left until Christmas I have decided to include you into my count down.
When I learned how magnificent felting was, it took no time at all before I had to learn how to knit, shrink it up, sew it and add embellishments with needle felting needles. You just would not believe the flexibility this gives you to fibres. Old woolie socks, sweaters, blankets and various balls of Grannies wool, oh glory! This just makes a whole new world to upcycling and DIY crafts. Do not let crafts fool you as many artisans such as myself will refer to the art, as crafting, sounds fun doesn't it.

So I found this today in my inbox and decided one lucky recipient will get one this Christmas. I wish I had time for everyone but I don't and who knows, next year another stocking will grab my fancy or something like that.

Knit and felt a Christmas stocking


By Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs 

How can you resist! I am altering mine a bit to include some red berries and a big tartan ribbon. Just click above on the link and it will take you right to the pattern you will need to make this up for someone you love. Enjoy!